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There are a variety of Summons in Dan-Machi: MEMORIA FREESE. Each Summon is a character in the DanMachi franchise, and are classified as either Adventurer or Supporter. Adventurers are the ones that fight monsters in the Dungeon; Supporters do not fight, but instead assist the Adventurers in various ways. In MEMORIA FREESE, these are not Supporters in the franchise's definition (those that retrieve Monster drops and carry items such as healing potions), but the Gods and Goddesses that Adventurers and Supporters serve, as well as other people that do not enter the dungeon, such as bar maidens. Instead, franchise-definition Supporters are placed with the Adventurers.

Summon Rarities[edit | edit source]

Each rarity of Summon corresponds to their starting tier (and, as such, their initial maximum level). Each version of a character has different stats; in general, Summons obtained at higher tiers have better stats than those summoned at lower ones. So far (April 2018, English-language version), all Summons are 2-, 3-, or 4-star.

Summons cannot be sold or destroyed; duplicate summons, as unneeded as such are transformed into "Bond" items that are used after the corresponding character gets to Lv. 60 and fills their Status Board to perform Limit Break, which can be performed five times, each unlocking five more Status Cells and four Levels that must be filled before the next Limit Break is available.

Featured Summon[edit | edit source]

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