Goblin Slayer X Memoria Freese - Long Tale Dungeon & Goblins

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MFEvent Goblin Slayer Banner.png

Event Duration[edit | edit source]

2020/01/30(Thu) 〜 2020/02/26(Wed) (PST)

Description[edit | edit source]

DanMemo and Goblin Slayer crossover story Dungeon & Goblins [Part I] and [Part II] is available as a Long Tale!

Don't miss the chance to enjoy this extensive story.

※Dungeon & Goblins [Part II] is scheduled to be added on 02/12(Wed) 18:00 (PST).

Unique Characters From Story[edit | edit source]

4★[Silver Adventurer] Goblin Slayer

Adventurer (Silver Adventurer) Goblin Slayer.jpg

4★[Lightning Flash] Noble Fencer

Adventurer (Lightning Flash) Noble Fencer.jpg

Unique Characters from Summon/Gacha[edit | edit source]

4★[Stellar Wind] High Elf Archer

Adventurer (Stellar Wind) High Elf Archer.jpg

4★[Demonslayer Samurai] Kashima Ouka

Adventurer (Demonslayer Samurai) Kashima Ouka.jpg